Now Taking 2018 Nuc Orders

Its that time of year….time to start planning for 2018 spring nucs. We have already started a list for 2018 spring nucs, so if you’d like to reserve yours, please do so before we sell out. 


Our nucs are raised from our own line of hardy hygienic stock that have been carefully selected for honey production, varroa sensitivity, quality brood production and hygienic traits. When you pick up your nuc, it will consist of 5 deep frames, including bees, brood in all stages, honey, and some room for expansion. Pickup times happen in mid-May, and are subject to weather contingencies. We recommend transferring your nuc into a full hive as soon as possible after pickup, because nucleus hives expand very quickly. 

*A note for pickup: If you have a truck available to you, it is the best transportation for the bees, as plenty of air flow ensures a well-ventilated ride for the bees to their destination. If you plan to pickup in a car, you can purchase a netted bag from us for $5 each, this will facilitate airflow and help keep the bees cool.

Our spring Nucs are $140, which includes the box and 5 frames of bees, brood, honey, pollen, and room for expansion. No box return necessary. 

You can reserve your nuc now by clicking on the link below

2018 Nuc Order Form

New Fall Soaps, Gift Box Options, and More to Come!

This fall treat yourself to one of two new falls soaps: Pumpkin Spice, and Autumn Splendor.                  Also available this holiday season are Vermont Made Products gift boxes. These handmade boxes make the perfect way to display our Vermont products as a gift for weddings, friends, special occasions,

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June Nucs and Queens Available

We currently have June nucs available for a limited time. If you want more nucs, or didn’t get nucs earlier, this is your chance. Please call (802) 779-3620 or email to schedule pickup.  We also have mated queens available. Call or email for more details. 

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Nuc Pickups

Nuc pickups are happening! We’ve made it through our list of customers and sent emails or made phone calls. If for some reason you haven’t heard from us please email or call (802) 779-3620 to schedule your pickup. Pickups are on a first response basis. We will do our best to hold your nucs,

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It’s Almost Pickup Time

Spring has sprung!  And with it beekeepers desire to pickup their nucs. We’re getting calls, emails, and texts from all over wondering when that exciting day will be. We’re still on track for mid-May, and we’ll be contacting each customer who reserved nucs in the next couple weeks, in the order we received them, to

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Valentine’s Storewide Sale

In celebration of Valentine’s Day we’re offering a storewide sale of 10% off! Use code honeylove at checkout. It’s a great time to order sweet Raw Honey goodness or beautiful soap for your Valentine. Sale runs through Monday February 20. Happy heart day!  *Sale excludes nuc orders/purchases

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2017 Nuc Orders

We are currently sold out of spring nucs. If you’re still interested in nucs, please contact us for more information regarding summer nuc availability.

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Bottling Liquid Fall Goodness

We’re putting our bottling machine to good use with our fresh fall crop. There’s nothing quite like smelling the aroma of fall honey and filling up a new jar. Ahh, sweet harvest. EZ-Fill machine        

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