Nucleus Colonies

Our spring nucs consist of 5 frames – 3 brood, one food, and one frame of foundation being drawn out for expansion of the nuc and a prolifically laying queen. The nuc queens are carefully grafted from our own survivor breeder queens with genetics from Carnolian, VSH Italian and Minnesota Hygienic. Each breeder queen is painstakingly selected for honey and bee production, gentleness, winter hardiness and hygienic behavior.  

This year our nucs are $140 each and includes the Jester EZ Nuc box they come in. You do not need to return the boxes.

 *A word of advise: We prefer to leave the entrance of the nucs open for travel in order to provide the bees with adequate air flow in transit. If a truck is available to you, it is the ideal transportation for your nucs. If a car is your only option, however, they will usually be fine as long as the interior is kept cool and air is circulating.  A ventilated nuc bag will prevent any “stragglers” from escaping during transport and can be provided if requested for an additional $4.00

Our nucs sell out quickly every year, as we have a high repeat customer base. If you think you may be interested in buying nucs from us, please reserve yours now. We are now taking orders. Spring nucs are typically ready the middle of May, but the exact dates may vary depending on weather conditions, etc. We don’t need a deposit, just your order, and we will mark you down on our customer sheet.